Sunday, 9 November 2014

Getting on with 'it'

When 'it' is causing you to feel sad, inert, sluggish, aimless and generally down sometimes the best thing to do is just keep going. There could be a plethora of 'its' that ails us - past traumas, anxieties about the future, fears of today. Which 'it' is it? Or are they many and varied? We can become bogged down in rumination and contemplation which can ultimately overwhelm us until we stop altogether and resign from the world i.e. the big 'it' that is 'making' us so sad - 'stop the world. I want to get off!' As has been observed over the millenia it isn't 'it' that makes us feel as we feel and do what we do.Oh no! Its our estimation of 'it' that does us in! The world is as it is and is neither good or bad but our thinking about 'it' determines whether 'it' is indeed good or bad. As the great Albert Ellis once said:

The world ain't for you or against you. It just doesn't give a shit!

In a blog post writer and comedian Catherine Deveny talks about everyday heroes. These are the people who get on with 'it' (the pressures and strains, trauma and challenge of daily living). Unheralded and anonymous they plough on, survive and hopefully thrive despite their personal trials and tribulations. Some will sadly give in to the pain that ultimately overwhelms them. 

Catherine offers the following advice from her own experiences through her writing in this blog post written in 2008.

Catherine says:

1. Every day the sun will rise. It is a different day with endless possibilities.
2. "This too will pass." These words, engraved on an ancient Sultan’s ring, made him solemn in happy times and happy during sad times. Remember these always.
3.You are amazing. You’re doing a great job. Just. Keep. Going.

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