Saturday, 6 December 2014

My Brain

My Brain 

My brain lives in my head 
Its job is to do my thinking 
If there's something in my eyes 
It tells them to start blinking! 

My brain thinks lots of thoughts 
They bounce around my head 
If I eat a bucket of slugs 
I'll probably drop down dead! 

My brain is just like jelly 
It wobbles and it wibbles 
It really is a helpful mate 
It helps me work out riddles. 

My brain is sometimes lazy 
It plays tricks and puzzles me 
Does two plus two make four? 
Or a hundred and thirty three? 

My brain is my best friend 
Without it where would I be? 
If it wasn't for my brain 
My head would be empty! 

From 'Have a Go Spaghettio!' an REBT based resource for early childhood educators and counsellors.

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