Monday, 25 November 2013

Psychological Immunisation Now Available in Whyalla, South Australia!

Have you been psychologically immunised yet? Better get on to it asap! How do you 'psychologically immunise' students against the ravages of rejection and failure? May I recommend a school or schools that teach REBT/CBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy/Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) across all curriculum areas whose teachers are trained in teaching Unconditional Self Acceptance (USA)? Many students are conditioned to believe that they are only worthwhile if significant others think they are or if they achieve their goals. Whilst it is important that others approve of us and that we do well and achieve our goals and desires our worth is never at question. The belief that others opinion of you define who you are is errant and self defeating. The ‘I’m only OK if you think I am’ philosophy is an irrational one because it causes anxiety, depression and other debilitating conditions that undermine our mental health because the person or persons whose approval we seek may not give it! So what do we do? Teach children that their opinion of themselves is more important than those of others!  This is not to say that they should not desire or prefer that others approve of them, as this is a reasonable expectation to have.  But needing is different to preferring. The teachers at the REBE (Rational Emotive Behaviour Education) School Cluster in Whyalla teach USA across the curriculum, delivering to students their daily dose of ‘psychological immunity’ by teaching e.g.:

  • That thinking feeling and behaving are connected
  • That ‘doing’ is not ‘being.’
  • That others’ opinion of us don’t define us
  • That we can ‘decatastrophise’ and manage our emotions in tough situations
  • That we can achieve our goals even though times can be tough
  • That we are always worthwhile no matter what

The REBE School Cluster in Whyalla is the place to go to get ‘psychologically immunised’ through the excellent work of the teachers (Rational Emotive Behaviour Educators) who work there.
What ideas have you constructed about yourself?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Positive Psychology the Whyalla Way - Albert Ellis and Psychology in Schools

A group of schools in Whyalla, South Australia has been promoting student personal and academic capability development through Rational Emotive Behaviour Education (REBE) for over two years now. The Albert Ellis Centre Face Book page ( has documented the excellent work done by teachers at Stuart High School, Whyalla Stuart Campus R-7, Hincks Avenue Primary and Long Street Primary schools. Based on the work of Albert Ellis' (father of cognitive therapies) Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy professional and personal development programs have been provided through 'The Centre' for more than two years now. That equates to 400 plus educators, carers, counsellors and other allied professionals having been informed and skilled in the delivery of Ellis' ABC Theory of Emotional (and Behavioural) Disturbance in a variety of contexts - education and therapeutic interventions. This endeavor has been supported by enthusiastic school leaders who put a premium on student personal competency building as part of every day learning. Whilst we all in Whyalla congratulate the South Australian governments initiative to support the work of Dr. Martin Seligman I want to again through this blog acknowledge the work and endeavours of educators from preschool to year 10 who have been promoting our version of 'Positive Psychology' with very positive outcomes to date in Whyalla in very challenging contexts. The article here recommends the establishment of a 'Well Being Institute' to execute an international agenda. Two and a half years ago we opened the Albert Ellis Professional Learning Centre at Stuart High School - DONE! We have continued to provide quality programs under the auspices of the REBT Network, USA ( The article also recommends that 'a workforce capable of teaching wellbeing' be developed. Good idea and Whyalla and Eyre and Western Region have about 300 educators, counsellors and para professionals trained (via The Albert Ellis Professional Learning Centre) in the application of cognitive therapy based principles in educational and counselling contexts. This too is done and continues to be done through a comprehensive professional learning program.

Whilst it is commendable that the South Australian government supports the great work of Dr. Martin Seligman for whom I have a great deal of respect I would hope that initiatives such as ours in regional South Australia would also attract some support and recognition. Positive psychology development in schools is a positive thing and educators in Whyalla, South Australia are doing their bit through Rational Emotive Behaviour Education to promote positive mental health in schools and beyond.

Whyalla Marina, South Australia