Friday, 3 July 2015

Albert Ellis Legacy Lives On! - Rational Emotive Behaviour Education in Schools, South Australia

Schools are showing keen interest in the good work of teachers at Para Hills School P-7. The Rational Emotive Behaviour Education in Schools Program continues to have positive outcomes for students' social and emotional well being. There is growing evidence also that students are 'switching on to' learning as they develop and build their personal capabilities to believe in themselves and to hang in there when things seem too hard. As the term draws to an end much respect goes out to all educators who work tirelessly in often challenging situations to help students fulfil their potential. 

As Albert Ellis said many years ago he believed the future of psychotherapy was in the school system and this message continues to resonate strongly today and is not lost on educators far and wide who help students understand how their constructed philosophies are linked to how they feel and behave.

Ellis said on many occasions that we construct how we feel because of the habits of thinking we have developed. This is in evidence daily in schools where young children will articulate how 'bad' or 'dumb' they are. These ideas are reflected in various ways emotionally and behaviourally. They don't just feel annoyed or upset but rather angry and/or extremely sad. They may withdraw and refuse to do their set tasks or lash out in anger.The job of the Rational Emotive Behaviour Educator is to help students identify, challenge and change irrational self defeating habits of thinking. This will in turn help them to make better choices and to manage their emotions more effectively. 

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