Friday, 23 January 2015

Rational Emotive Behaviour in Schools Program 2015

Para Hills School P-7 has kicked off the New Year with school wide educator training in the application of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in daily teaching practise through Rational Emotive Behaviour Education. The focus is on developing student and educator capability via Albert Ellis' ABC Theory of Emotional Disturbance. We teach students that as constructivists they have developed habits of thinking that are useful (rational) or not so useful (irrational). With this insight students can learn how to manage themselves behaviourally and emotionally more effectively especially in the tough times. This learning/teaching is core business at Para Hills School P-7 and The REBE in Schools Program will help students engage more deeply with learning; to take healthy risks and to work hard towards their personal and learning goals. Principal Peter Reid says; 'The REBE in Schools Program will help students develop the capabilities that will help them to be happy and successful.' Other staff have said: 'I like having a framework I can use to help students understand how thinking, feeling and behaving are interconnected.' 'I would have liked to have had REBE training at Uni.' 'REBE is an educative approach to behaviour development and fits with my constructivist approach.' 'This is essential learning for all educators.' Good stuff!

From the balcony - Adelaide evening skies

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