Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Press Release: Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of Albert Ellis PhD

2013 is the Centennial Anniversary of the birth of Dr Albert Ellis Ph.D. Below is a press release written by his wife Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis. 

Contact: Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis: debbiejoffeellis@gmail.com

Dr Albert Ellis ignited, and powerfully fuelled, the cognitive revolution in psychology, counseling and therapy, with his pioneering approach of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) in the 1950’s. In addition, he helped transform limiting and uncivil social mores and attitudes of the time, with his vigorous actions supporting equality for women, gay rights, inter-racial marriage, ending of censorship and many more. He has often been referred to as “The greatest humanitarian since Gandhi”. He wrote over 85 published books and over 800 published articles, presented tirelessly around the USA and across the globe, and helped millions of people through his REBT approach to suffer less emotional misery and to experience more happiness in their lives.

During his Centennial year 2013, his wife Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis is available to speak about Dr Albert Ellis and his legacy.

Born September 27th, 1913, this year marks the centennial anniversary of his birth. At various major conferences throughout the year tribute will be given to this great man and his contributions. He will be honored posthumously on August 1st, 2013 in the opening ceremony of the annual American Psychological Association convention with the ‘APA Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology’, which is one of APA’s highest honors.
The first tribute of the year will be presented in a Symposium at the annual Eastern Psychological Association conference, held in New York City, in March 2013. It is hoped that many will attend the various tributes throughout the year, and be inspired by the remarkable works and character of Albert Ellis PhD.

Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis

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